Additional Donation Information

As a special note – WE DO NOT NEED BLANKETS!
We already have an abundant supply.

BEFORE you bring anything, please give us a call to ask
if we need them; this is a static list, but often we are
brought items on the list and we do not change it as we
get them in.

Potential donors can call the Secretary of State or Attorney General's
office in your state to request information pertaining to rescues/
charitable organizations. They are always happy to assist you.
You can also request financial information pertaining to a specific
charitable organization that is required to be filed by law from
Guidestar, an online directory of charitable organizations;

How to Help / Sponsor

Do you want to feel a more direct part of a horse or pony's life?
You can actually become a continued sponsor and the money you give
to All Breed Equine Rez-Q can go directly towards the costs for that
particular animal.

A sponsor is someone who sets up a monthly donation which can be as
little as $10 for a specific animal to help pay for feed, de-wormer,
vitamins, pay for a vet visit or treatment or even to help purchase
bedding for their stall in the barn facility. If you have a great love for
all horses in general, you can also setup a monthly donation just to the
All Breed Equine Rez-Q and that will go to help all of the animals here.

If you're looking for a specific horse or pony, you can visit the
individual pages on them by clicking here. Go look at their pages and
maybe even stop by to check them out in person. They love visitors
and maybe you will find they pull a little on your heart strings. It's always
nice to make a connection. Most of these horses and ponies will be with
us for the rest of their lives and can always use the extra boost a
sponsor can give.

No matter how you want to sponsor a horse, pony . . .
All Breed Equine Rez-Q, we can help you set up the monthly gift.