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What is a Success Story at the Rescue?

Mini Mules

Two mini Mules came into the rescue due to their owner having a hard time due to the economy. She could no longer take care of them and had to surrender them to us for a home placement. Susie, one of our volunteers fell in love with them and wanted to adopt the two girls. When they arrived at the rescue we saw that these lovely little sisters had fears of human contact and would not come to us. Susie spent lots of time sitting on upside down buckets talking to them and just plain sitting there letting the girls get use to human contact. After many weeks of this, the girls understood that we humans are pretty nice creatures with lots of yummy goodies to offer as well as lots of love. So Susie adopted them and they now live a VERY happy healthy life on Susie’s farm in Snohomish.

Sarge                        Wrangler

Sarge and Wrangler grew up together, and are truly a bonded pair. At 31 Years old we will not seperate them. They are the best of friends, and will retire here at the rescue together.



A 22 Year old, Flea-bitten grey, thoroughbred, gelding. Lt. Dan is an ex-racehorse of 5 years from Argentina. He came to us from his loving owners to retire at our rescue. He's sweet, careful and silly. Overall a really great horse.